"Do you want to build a snowman?" Reprise + Happy New 2014!


Spent the lovely holiday with family and lots of food (mostly sweets, yum!). My mom has a photo of the buffet table, I’m just too lazy to get it haha. 

So, it’s time for the annual new year’s resolution list that some of us will fulfill or do something even better? (think positive!:)

Here’s my list:

1. To blog regularly (at least twice a month)

2. Get healthy! — I used to say “lose weight” or “lose 10 lbs.” and it never worked. Maybe, “Get healthy” might? Hitting two stones with one bird! :)

3. Shoo away shyness and social-awkwardness to some people. LOL

4. Keep my room clean and clutter-free (yes, please.)

5. Think of the present. — The past is done and it’s no use worrying about the future.

6. Sleep early and wake-up early (beauty basic I have been neglecting) 

7. Exceed my work efforts more than last year.

8. Be ‘Editor of the Year’ — Hey, a girl can dream. <3


10. Get into a new sport. Muai Thai or Boxing, perhaps? :D

So far, those are what I want to achieve most this new year :) 2013 has been harsh but equally good to me. I learned and grew a lot, especially for the professional world.

Anyhoo, here’s a lay-out I made for the New Year. It’s not much, I just started learning to be a graphic artist a few months ago, but am definitely learning! :)

Now, time for Frozen! Awhile ago my friend HeartlessEponine showed me a link of a fan-made reprise of “Do you want to build a snowman?” from Disney’s Frozen. The creators wanted to make a version of what Elsa should have done (or in this case sung) at the time when Anna froze. - be prepared for the immense amount of feels -

Link: http://youtu.be/2OoWsy7H-Mc

I also created a short version of the lyrics:

Oh the amount of /feels. Gah! Oh Elsa, you foolish fool. All those wasted years. /sigh

… but then, Elsa thought it was the only way to protect her beloved sister, right? 

On a side note, it made me wonder why Anna never left the castle doors? To, I don’t know, explore their town?! It’s not like she’s trap in a tower…

And that’s the end of this post. I hope you liked it! Comments and suggestions are most welcome.


(I know it sound weird, but hey, it’s something new~!)


Canmake from BDJBox! <3

It has been a long time since I’ve blogged and I plan to truly commit to it! <3

Finally my package has arrived! Three days ago I ordered from BDJBox for the Canmake cream touch cheek and Creamy touch lipstick. Totally hyped to try it out~ ;3

Since they ran out of Marshmallow Pink, I opted to buy the Canmake Cream Cheek CL01 - Clear Red Heart instead. Also, since I’ve never tried red blush before and it got me curious! ( * . * )

I applied around three to four dots and it blended quite nicely~* It has a soft, velvety feel on my skin (which I like!).

When I took a bath, the color on my hand didn’t fade instantly and I had to rub it with soap for it to disappear completely. 

I applied Majolica Majorca’s Skin Lingerie Pore Cover first then applied the Cream Cheek and I must say, it looks very natural! Incredibly similar to my cheeks when turns red naturally on its own in certain times of the day. Only this time it lasts longer ;)

Stay tuned to my next post for Canmake’s Creamy Touch Lipstick in Marshmallow Pink!

OXOX lovelies~*

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